Seven decades of proven quality worldwide.


Founded in 1946 in Hamburg by a small team around Willi Becker. Main product was the Becker Flap Rudder, at that time mainly for inland waterway barges and tugs. In the early 70s, Becker acquired the Kort Nozzle patents and also pushed the international sea going shipbuilding market for rudders and nozzles. Also in the 70s Becker acquired the steering gear business.

In 1998 Hatlapa became a shareholder, starting the successful cooperation with Becker. Becker Marine Systems further strengthened its position in the global marine market with the acquisition of the Schilling Rudder business.

The Becker worldwide network was further enhanced in November 2003 with the establishment of an office in China, along with the relocation of company headquarters to offices built for this purpose in Hamburg.

In 2004 the Becker Research & Development team designed the TLKSR® Twisted Leading Edge Rudder, which became a significant sales success. And 2008 saw the introduction of Becker's new best-selling energy-saving product, the BeckerMewis Duct®, followed by the Becker Twisted Fin® four years later.

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